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UNIDAD 4 – To the Extreme!
How Did You Feel?
In this activity you will identify and use adjectives of feeling to describe a personal experience.
1. Imagine that you live in Canada. You used to go to the woods with your friends and lit up fires at night. But one day something terrible happened so you don’t want to do that anymore. You wrote about your experience in your personal diary. Readyour diary’s entry again and tell your partner what happened.
Last winter,I went to visit my friends at their farm in the woods. Winter time is fantastic there. We had a lot of snow that season. We decided to light up a fire to roast some sausages and marshmallows. Suddenly we heard a mysterious noise. There were wolves. We were shocked because they were close. I could see they were watching us. Iwas terrified. We tried to run inside the house and the wolves followed us. I thought we wouldn’t make it inside the house. Finally, we did and nothing happened to us. I had never been so scared in my life. We felt relieved and lucky I won’t light up fires in the woods anymore.
2. Identify the text the words that express how you felt and underline them
3. Classify the words in the box aspositive or negative feelings and complete the chart.
Positive Feelings | Negative Feelings |
* Smiling * Pleasant * Fantastic * Enchanting * Wonderful * Lucky * Relieved | * Afraid * Dangerous * Frightened * Evil *Shocked * Mysterious * Tense |

4. Underline the word in the parentheses which expresses a feeling that completes each sentence legally.
a) I went to the beach on the holidays last month. I spent a (dangerous/tense/wonderful) time there. It was just very relaxing
b) I had an exam yesterday. I am (pleaseant/afraid/fantastic) to fail it. I could get grounded.
c)Theme parks likeDisneyland are (enchanting/evil/shocked). Everything there is magical to children and they make adults remember their childhood.
d)Extreme sports can be (smiling/relieved/dangerous). People must wear specialized equipment to avoid accidents.
e)He felt (Frightened/wonderful/enchanting) when someone shouted in the dark.
6. Check this out. Sometimes we use the word “very” when we want to give a strongmeaning to the adjective. For exemple:
Small > very small
More examples:
adjective very + adjective extreme adjective
interesting very interesting fascinating
surprised very surprised astonished
Warning: Do not use very with an extreme adjective. For example, it is incorrect to say: I’m veryastonished. Now substitute very + adjective for an extreme adjective from the box.
Huge – ravenous – exhausted – burning – terrified - awful
Definitely,it wasn’t my day
Yesterday,I went to the park. It was sunny and I was burning. So I decided to buy an ice-cream. It tasted awful. I think it was old, so I didn’t eat it. I started to feel ravenous. I stopped in a hot dog stand and bought one.It wasn’t good either, it was cold. I started to feel exhausted and I didn’t feel like arguing, there was a huge dog in the park and I was terrified when it ran by me. Fortunately, it didn’t bite me. I went home but it wasn’t fun at all.
6. Write a short description about an interesting, amazing or frightening experience you have had. In case you haven’t had one, make one up. Describe how youfeel, include adjectives to express feeling and any other indormation you like to complete your description. You may include the description in number 4 and the adjective quiz as an evidence in your language portfolio.
7. For independent practice on vocabulary of adjectives to express feelings you may answer the quiz on to the following web site: www.visualesl.com/gapfill2/17.html
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