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The Statue of Liberty

The 28th of October of 1886 was the year the Statue of Liberty was built. France gave this gift to the United States as a symbol representing the freedom of the oppressedpeople. It is located strategically on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, so all boats are able to see it as they come to the bay.
France`s task was to build the statue and the United States was incharge of the pedestal and the site. Even though the French allies protested against this iniciative, the sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi travelled to North America to discuss about the constructionprocess. Several issues about the project were dealt, such as the materials that were going to be utilized, the financing and the form of the Statue.
A problem that arose at the very beginning was themanner of transporting the sculpture through the Atlantic Ocean. It was then when Bertholdi, inspired by the Colossus of Rhodes, decided to employ copper and to make it hollow in order to build itlight and taugh.
Due to the high cost of such project, France and the United States decided to establish a union in order to raise funds. France contributed one million francs to pay the whole statueand the United States gathered 250 thousand dollars in order to finance the pedestal. Collecting these elevated amounts of money was difficult for both countries, especially for the United States.Joseph Pulitzer, who was the owner of the New York World newspaper, encouraged his readers to contribute to the cause. Thus, around 120,000 donations were made, although the majority of them had a valueof less than a dollar.
The shell of the figure is made of copper of 2.4 millimetres thick, and its base is an iron plate designed by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, known as the architect of the EiffelTower in Paris. Firstly, Bartholdi built a three meters prototype, which increased its size until being 11 meters high divided in different sections. Nowadays it is 46 meters high and it weighs 225...
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