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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Fundamentos del Mercadeo

Bavaria s.a

Bavaria is the largest beverage company in colombia, its is the largest operation of SABMiller in Latin America and one of the largest contributors to theprofits of that brewery group in the world.
The organization brands are Aguila, Aguila light, Club Colombia, Cola & pola, Costeña, Costeñita, Miller, Peroni, Pilsen, Poker, Poker light, Redds and pony malta, which are Colombian leader in their respective categories.
Bavaria`s products are manufactured under international quality standards, in six different breweries plants, which are distributed inBarranquilla, Bucaramanga, Duitama, Medellin, Tocancipa and yumbo(being the brewery of valle, the most modern and efficient in latin America). The organization also counts with two malting plants in cartagena and Tibito, with one factory of labels and covers. Bavaria have six regional offices and 33 sales manager sales, they have 25 modern distribution centers, trough them they take and deliverto all regions of the country with the most popular brands preferred by Colombians.
Trough their industry, the way they generate employment, the taxes they proportionate, Bavaria`s company contributes significantly to Colombian`s economy. They also feel a commitment with Colombian community, they count with different programs to promote entrepeurship, and to give support to communities who needit.
In the present Bavaria counts with more than 4,100 employees that are dicrectly part of the company, and with 3500 people who works indirectly with the company, but that constantly are supporting the ideas and objectives of Bavaria S.A

Bavaria assume their work with conviction, they follow values that guide their daily activities as individuals and as a company,making Bavaria one of the preferred companies to work in Colombia.
Their workers as the most durable advantage
* The caliber and commitment of the people who is involved with the factory differentiates them from others.
* They appreciate and encourages diversity.
* The select and develop their staff in order to achieve long-term goals.* What they counts and value is performance.

Responsabilty is celar and individual.
* They support decentralized management with a practical maximum of local authority.
* Their goals and objectives are aligned and clearly articulated.
* They value intellectual rigor and emotional engagement.
* They tell the truth about their performance.
* They demand and allowself-management.

They work and win as a team
* They are constantly developing and sharing knowledge within the group.
* They balance local and group interests.
* They foster trust and integrity in internal relationships.
* They promote camaraderie and fun.

They understand and respect their customers and consumers
* They are always taking care of meeting needs and perception of theircostumers and consumers.
* They buils lasting relationships based on trust.
* They aim to offer the best choices of products and services.
* They are innovators and pioneers in a world constant change
Their reputation is indivisible.
* Their reputation is based on what employees says or do.
* They build their reputation for a long-term future.
* They work fair and ethicalin all their business.
* They benefits the locacal communities where they operate.

Marketing plan redds
What we are looking for with this marketing plan is to reposition the brand Redds which is known for being a beer only for women. Our idea is to make this beer attractive also for men. After making a study we came to the conclusion that men also like this beer but they don’t drink it...
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