Unknown men zones

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The Project exploring unknown men zones is about the pears that men have when do not express feelings and experience. Nowadays men can not say that they like because all always think thatother men are going away to deceive and do not express anything about feelings.

Men think that expressing them feelings is terrible; degrading for them but if they express their feelings they will behappy and feel free because not expressing causes stress and may bad things for life.

To think that men is in equality that woman for this reason, they can express all about their feelings butthey never say their think and feel even tough this is true, sometimes men express a lot of life and like say all fell. The most of the men prefer that all people think that they can feel and they canspeak about their feelings, dreams, fears and about life in general.

The majority of men think that if they express they feelings can be gay but, the true is that this man is brave and not fear tohim that others can say and look that have a very strong personality and is clear that they is a men.

It is big the fear that have the men to express that prefer to be silence and apprelend thatnothing happen in life. When the men is young, the can cry for that is a kid but after of eight old they can cry and express then feelings and fears.

In this society, the men prefer silence for thatthe people see strong, the most part of the men apparent are strong and can cry because always the others say when they are young “the men do not cry” and this words create a fear to express allfeelings, create a mask, a idea of perfect men that can not feel and express then fears, dreams and all the pass in then life.

It is normal that the men express then feelings is look who abnormal men andthe rest of the people can call who “marica” or “niñita” although this is a situation very discriminator for the men that is brave and say all about then feelings, dreams and thinking.

The men...
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