Uno más uno....¿dos?

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1. An immeasurably deep chasm, depth, or void: "lost in the vast abysses of space and time" (Loren Eiseley).
a. The primeval chaos out of which it was believed that the earthand sky were formed.
b. The abode of evil spirits; hell.
Warlike or hostile in manner or temperament.

Acting or arriving exactly at the time appointed; prompt.
2. Paid oraccomplished at or by the appointed time.
3. Precise; exact.
4. Confined to or having the nature of a point in space.
5. Linguistics Of, related to, or being the verbal aspect that expresses momentaryaction or action considered as having no temporal duration.

1. A wicked or evil person; a scoundrel.
2. A dramatic or fictional character who is typically at odds with the hero.3. (also vĭl'ān', vĭ-lān') Variant of villein.
4. Something said to be the cause of particular trouble or an evil: poverty, the villain in the increase of crime.
5. Obsolete. A peasant regardedas vile and brutish.
Impressively great in size, force, or extent; enormous: a prodigious storm.
2. Extraordinary; marvelous: a prodigious talent.
3. Obsolete Portentous; ominous.infamous 
Of very bad report; having a reputation of the worst kind; held in abhorrence; guilty of something that exposes to infamy; base; notoriously vile; detestable; as, an infamous traitor; an infamousperjurer.
1. That which environs or surrounds; surrounding conditions, influences, or forces, by which living forms are influenced and modified in their growth and development.
2.(n.) Act of environing; state of being environed.
To contend or strive, especially on even terms or with success: coping with child rearing and a full-time job.
2. To contend with difficulties andact to overcome them:

1. Wandering; straying; deviating from the right course; -- hence, irregular; unnatural.
2. (a.) Containing error; not conformed to truth or justice;...
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