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31 Years...And Lots More Choices, But Still Operating By The Golden Rule
Back when we started, acoustical foam was our only product. Some people still think of us as a “foam company.” Actually, we’re all that and more these days. Auralex has evolved a very broad product line, including full-blown custom installations for which we fly installers around the country. We’re big in top-end houses ofworship, having worked on projects for Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church and multiple projects for Joyce Meyer Ministries. We’re big in top-dollar home theaters, having worked on rooms that won the Home Theater of the Year awards from both CEDIA and the Robb Report, as well as theaters for some of the top names in sports, entertainment and music, and theaters featured on network and cable televisionshows. We’re big in famous recording studios whose work you hear at the top of the charts. We’re big in motion pictures, both as sound control on-location and for visual appeal on-screen, and you hear our products on a large percentage of movie (I’m the head guy.) trailers by top voiceover artists. We’re big in network television, where you see our products on-screen and hear them on many nationalcommercials, as well as on much of the television “booth” announcing you hear on local stations and national networks. We’re big on radio, both in the studios themselves and in-use by top voice talents who do the station IDs and promos. We’re big in the corporate world, having done a lot of work for top clients like the Bank of America, Sony, Apple and hundreds of others. We’re big with the USgovernment, having worked with nearly two dozen agencies and embassies, both in the US and around the world. We’re big in nightclubs, including some of the hottest venues in major markets across the country. We’re big with top podcasters like Podsqod. We’re utilized in upscale restaurants owned by famous chefs and by celebrities. We even have additional products for use in houses of worship,veterinary settings and more that aren’t even in this catalog (please contact us for more info). In short, we are a heck of a lot more than foam these days.

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Our product line certainly features Studiofoam® brand acoustical foam, which is still our staple product, but it also includes cloth-covered absorbers second to none; a full line of diffusors that outperform others costinghundreds more; bass traps effective to the lowest frequency ranges (and at prices the other guys can’t touch); isolation & construction products that designers depend on; portable acoustical devices; pre-packaged room treatment kits that take the guesswork YE AR S out of acoustics and lots more. And therein lies the problem, perhaps. In looking through this catalog and our new website, you might feela bit overwhelmed by all the choices of color, cut, size, price and function.


But don’t be. What really sets Auralex apart from all the others out there, especially some who are quite vocal in proclaiming their own expertise, is our ability to make acoustics EASY. With a full staff of experienced engineers and Application Specialists, all backed up by heavy-duty acoustical measurementequipment and software packages (some proprietary), we make it simple for you to get into the acoustical treatments you need (and nothing more). Just submit our Free Personalized Room Analysis Form (PRAF) and you’ll receive the same Golden Rule service that we offer our most famous clients, regardless how much or how little you have in your budget. The PRAF is available on our website or at any ofour thousands of dealers in dozens of countries around the world. Heavy hitters don’t need to stroke their own egos by overspending. They know what works...and they know what they need to make their sound the best it can be. Time and time again, they choose Auralex. This should speak volumes to you, even if you don’t have megabucks to spend or large amounts of knowledge about the intricacies of...
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