Updating microcode in a fibre channel adapter

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Updating microcode in a fibre channel adapter

RPM package is located in /tmp/hba

AIX RPM Package
 Downloading RPM Format File to Target Server
Use this method to download to an AIX system:Note: The instructions that follow are specific AIX commands. AIX commands are CASE (lower and upper) SENSITIVE, and must be entered exactly as shown, including filenames.
1. Verify directory/etc/mircocoed exists, if not create it. This directory will be used to receive the RPM format file.
    Enter:      mkdir /etc/microcode
2. From the download website, follow the websiteinstructions to download the package. If your initial download is not to the target system, you can use ftp to move the file(s) to the target system..
    You'll see the filename ispci.df1000fa-1-91A5.aix.noarch.rpm RPM package is located in /tmp/hba

3. Unpack the file by executing the instructions below:
    Enter the commands:
cd /tmp/hba
rpm -ihv --ignoreospci.df1000fa-1-91A5.aix.noarch.rpm

if above step returns with: " package package_name is already installed"
You will need to uninstall the rpm package as follows:
rpm -e package_name

4. If the firmware unpackssuccessfully, the microcode files will be added to /etc/microcode/
5. The file size and checksum will be verified on the unpacked firmware image, NOT the RPM file.
File size: 664748
Checksum: 48915Update the Adapter's Microcode
Using the AIX Command-Line Method
You are now ready to FLASH the EEPROM in the adapter using the single command:
# diag -d fcs1 -T download
Self-explanatorymenus will step you through the microcode installation.

Verifying new level.

# lsmcocde -d fcs1
Where X is the number of the adapter returned from the "lsdev" command above.
fcs3 FC Adapter

The current microcode level for fcs1 is 191105.

Use Enter to continue.

Backup steps
To Back level the firmware
# diag -d fcs1 -T "download -f -l previous"
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