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  • Publicado : 12 de noviembre de 2010
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Kingston urDrive

What is urDrive?
urDrive is preloaded software with a new interface exclusive to your Kingston USB drive that gives you a better way to look at your data. Allof your files, folders, photos, videos, music and other content can be displayed and accessed from one convenient, easy-to-use desktop for your USB Flash drive. It’s customizable, so you can organizeall your content the way you want it. urDrive features dragand-drop and double-click functions and a handy search tool that helps you find your data quickly. Folder creation, renaming, sorting,capacity tracking and other standard USB drive functions are made easy too. Its built-in portable Web browser lets you bookmark your favorite sites and access them on any PC, anywhere in the world, withoutleaving behind traces or temp files. The built-in Photo Viewer has a slideshow tool that makes it easy to store, organize and share photos. Plus there’s an MP3 player that lets you create playlistsand carries all your music, eliminating the need to transfer music from one device to another. urDrive users get access to apps through the App Store on the drive* From simple games designed for theUSB . drive to full version of PC software, there’s something for everyone – and the list is growing all the time. Users can also take advantage of special offers and promotions from Kingston partnersto add more value to their urDrive experience. For example, every urDrive user can get a 2GB free online backup account to keep their most important files up-to-date and accessible on the Internet.Discover all that urDrive has to offer today — and watch its features and apps expand in the future!


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Easy to set up Convenient Search feature to find content Built-inportable Internet Browser Built-in Photo Viewer with Slideshow tool Built-in MP3 Player with Playlist feature Capacity Tracker urAppZone provides easy access to apps Online Backup Account offer...
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