Us as a multicultural society

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US as a multicultural society
Since its creation, The US has been a country based on some key principles. The American Creed, the Anglo-protestant culture but also their freedom ofreligion, and the ideals of liberty and equality are some of the values they consider fundamental for their national identity. Furthermore, in the past The US used to be a pure society represented by asingular culture in which people shared one cultural identity. The US American people think these principles are essential for the development and the survival of the country, and also for preserving it asa whole nation.
However, nowadays with the influence of customs and languages from other countries, in the latest years The US has become, gradually, into a multicultural society.
Thissituation have made that the conception of The US as a nation begin to change. According to The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, nation can be defined as a group of people who share a commonculture or civil loyalties. On the other hand, culture is defined by Bastide (1971) as the adaptability of the human beings with the environment. It is means that culture is the result of the differentrelationships created among human beings, including the environment.
In accordance with the previous concept of nation, it is possible to say that The US is a state made up for many nations.People have differences among them. People think, behave, speak and even wear different. It happens because there are many cultures around the world. Generally, people from same places sharesome qualities like customs, language and, in some cases, a similar appearance. These qualities or similarities are part of the culture and make people identify with a specific group.
Eachcountry has a diverse and unique culture that makes it different in front of the others. However, things are quite distinct from that. It has been exposed to the influence of foreign countries since...
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