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1. Popular Sovereignty: government by the consent of the governed.
2. The U.S. Constitution: is short and ambiguous, but flexible and adaptable.
3. Bill of Rights and the Commerce Clause:interpretation changed dramatically over time.
4. Jamestown Colonists: set an important precedent when they instituted a representative assembly.
5. Colonial period Importance:
- Bill of Rights
- Limited government
6. Thomas Paine Common Sense = government of our own is natural right.
7. Jefferson’s Declaration: inalienable right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.8. Revolutionary War period: State governments and later concentrated power in legislatures
9. Congress of Confederation: lacked power to pressure states to pay their share of government

10. Shay’s Rebellion: demonstrated that gov. under Articles of Confederation could not maintain
peace and order.

11. Constitutional Convention: nationalists wanted strongcentral gov. based on popular support.

12. Virginia Plan: in Constitutional Convention favored larger states at expense of smaller ones.

13. Supremacy Doctrine: from New Jersey plan, asserted thesuperiority of Nal Law over state law.

14. The Great Compromise proposed bicameral Legislative branch for nal Gov.

15. Separation of Powers prevent dominance of one part of the government overanother (Constitution).

16. The Bill of Rights vital to Constitutional because several important states would not have ratified it
without its promise.

17. Informal methods ofConstitutional change: Congress and President interpretation.

18. Judicial review (Marbury v. Madison): Courts can rule acts of other branches unconstitutional.

19. Federal system: Political Power =nal gov + state gov.

20. Enumerated Powers: powers given to the nal gov in Constitution.

21. Implied Powers: “necessary and proper” clause in the Constitution.

22. Inherent Powers: U.S....
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