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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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AAS function on Corel 13 for Jaguar4 / Puma 3

1. Group objects
2. select all objects to be cut out
3. Go to “Effects” then select “contour”
4. setcontour to outside
5. select distance of contour line from graphic
6. Select apply. You will an outline appear around your object
7. Break apart contourgroup.
8. Go to “effects’ then select “break apart contour group”
9. Click on newly created outline and remove fill leaving an outline.
10. Select all objectsto be cut out.
11. Go to “tools” and select “visual basic --- play”
12. Under “Macros in:” choose from the drop down menu “GlobalMacros (GCCAASII_Draw13.gms”
13.Select Run.
14. AAS II Reg. Mark Setting dialog box will appear. Select apply.
15. Registration marks will appear around your graphic. No more adjustmentscan be made to size or positioning of the graphic from this point forward.
16. Select object to be printed and ungroup. Select contour outline(s) and change color to white.[pic]
17. Print graphic.
18. Bring graphic to cutter.
19. Orientate graphic so that position 1 on the right side of the cutter.
20. Initializecutter
21. Push on\off line button and use arrow keys to position blade directly over area that AAS marks intersect at position 1.
22. Hit enter button to set neworigin at this point.
23. Go back to Corel Draw and set page size to cutter dimensions.

24. Select print.
25. Select “Layout tab”
26. Under “Imageposition and size” choose “reposition images to:” select “bottom left corner”
27. Select print.

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