Useful insects

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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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Useful insects

Some people dislike insects, but many of them ignore that some insects are very useful to mankind. Most of people tries to buy insecticides and pesticides to kill bugs or have themfar from their gardens or houses, but reality is that nowadays scientist discovered that many insects gives solutions to many problems.
In the other hand, many people thinks that insects aredisgusting or that they only transmit illnesses. I meet some people who have big problems about cockroaches or spiders, just because they are afraid about them. In my own opinion, I think insects are amazingand I´m very respectful about them, because I believe they are a very important part of the ecosystem.
Supporting the “useful insects” position, I can say that many of them bring easier and fastersolutions to common problems than the traditional way of human to make things, especially in medicine. Bellow, I will give some examples about insects that are amazing and helpful to us.
Starting mylist about benefit insects I can mention maggots for example, those bugs are now very helpful to doctor who are trying to heal injuries with infections, because maggots feed with death skin. Certainly,maggots are a shipper and faster treatment to infected injuries than traditional medicines or surgeries and the best it is free of pain.
Another example could be mosquitoes. That insect is commonlyassociated with illnesses, especially dengue, but recently, some doctors and scientist had a great idea: “They give those mosquitoes medicine and they release them, so mosquitoes flay away bitingpeople and give them medicine at the same time. I personally think that it is a nice idea and it could be a very face method to heal a large number of people in case o epidemics or pandemics.
As well,we can talk about fireflies, a very popular and lovely insect and also famous due to the flashlight they have in the tail. The important thing about fireflies is their light that is produced by...
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