User exit modulo fi sap

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User Exits In FI
. User Exits in FI are implemented again in a different manner to both standard user exitsand user exits in SD. The user exits are available for Substitutions, Validations and Rules which are specified either in transaction OB28 (for rules), or OBBH (for substitutions). There are 3 stepsinvolved in setting up user exits in FI. These are: Creating the Module Pool and programming the user exit. Specifying the Module Pool that will hold the user exits. "Activating" the user exit.Creating The Module Pool


SAP provide two programs that should be used to implement these user exits. These are RGGBS000 and RGGBR000 (for substitutions and rules respectively). The relevant programshould be copied to a Z version of the program, ZRGGBR000 for example. The code in this module pool is like so: Code: PROGRAM RGGBR000 .*---------------------------------------------------------------------* * * * Regeln: EXIT-Formpool for Uxxx-Exits * * * * This formpool is used by SAP for demonstration purposes only. * * * * Note: If you define a new user exit, you have to enter your * * userexit in the form routine GET_EXIT_TITLES. * * * *---------------------------------------------------------------------* INCLUDE FGBBGD00. "Data types*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* * PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING "TYPE-POOL" AND "TABLES" COMMANDS * * IF THE ACCOUNTING MODULE IS INSTALLED IN YOUR SYSTEM * *TYPE-POOLS: GB002. " TO BE INCLUDED IN *TABLES: BKPF," ANY SYSTEM THAT * BSEG, " HAS 'FI' INSTALLED * COBL, * GLU1. *!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**----------------------------------------------------------------------* * FORM GET_EXIT_TITLES * *----------------------------------------------------------------------* * returns name and title of all available standard-exits * * every exit in this formpool has...
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