Using animals for scientific research

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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2012
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Using Animals for Scientific Research
Many people take dogs as being man’s best friends, but only a few know that dogs and other animals are used in scientific research. Before the 4th century BCE,people have employed animals such as, rodents, mammals and primates as pets and food suppliers; then, they were used for scientific purposes. The innovated methods of different people from the timewhich the animal experimentation began opened the door to new discoveries. Even though some people think that the use of animals in scientific research is an inhumane practice, some drugs need to betested in animals to prevent human lives from a risk.
The majority of the opponents of animal testing are animal welfare groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) which maintainthat is unfair to take the live of an innocent creature by using it for experimentation and people’ necessities (Naik, 2011). In contrast, will somebody prefer to buy a product that could cause severeor irreparable reactions on them because it was not previously tested and correctly analyze? A lot of scientific and medical centers, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and theEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) have the responsibility to carry out animal tests in order to bring safe products to the market (Mediapeta, n.d.). Furthermore, in the United States, a young boy calledJohnny Auquilino was born without the left ventricle of his heart, the major pumping chamber.  He was saved by a series of new techniques first developed on animals (Zoomshare, n.d.). The father of theyoung boy said: “Animal-based biomedical research gave me my son” (Gpo, n.d.).
Critics of animal experimentation allege that with the advance use of technology there exist a lot of ways to avoidhurting and killing animals in the name of science. Also, despite the fact that a lot of recollection of data has been made through the years, it is still necessary to prove several vaccines and new...