Using context for reading

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Using Context for Reading
Aim: Increased awareness and usage of contextual reading clues
Activity: Awareness rising concerning the use of contextual clues, followed by worksheet practicingcontextual reading
Number of students: Form small groups of 3-5 students
Time: 30 min
* Write this example sentence on the board: "Tom decided that he desperately needed the glockum ifhe were to solve the problem"
* Ask students what they do if they are reading an English text and do not understand a specific word.
* Ask students what they do if they are reading a textin their native language and do not understand a specific word.
* Ask students what 'glockum' means.
* Once students have established that they don't know what a 'glockum' is, ask them toguess at what it might be.
* Ask students what part of speech a 'glockum' is (i.e. verb, noun, preposition etc.)
* Have students explain how they arrived at their guesses, which clues did theyuse?
* Explain the concept of reading in "chunks" i.e. looking at the text surrounding the unknown word for clues.
* Show them an article from an advanced level magazine.
* Ask studentsto identify the probable vocabulary areas that may be used in the example article.
* Explain the importance of activating vocabulary by first quickly glancing at the text to be read. This ideais very important as the brain will begin to focus on related concepts thus preparing the student for what is to be read.
* Point out that by using all of these clues (i.e. "chunking", part ofspeech, logical deduction, vocabulary activation), students can arrive at a much fuller understanding of difficult texts - even if they do not understand each word
* Have students divide into smallgroups and complete worksheet.
Reading Clues
Deduction - What does the sentence concern? Which words does the unknown word seem to relate to?
Part of Speech - Which part of speech is the...
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