Using history

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Using history and at least one other area of knowledge, examine the claim that it is possible to attain knowledge despite problems of bias and selection. 

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You can use this template by replacing this text by your own. In the introduction mention assumption(s) of the question, clearly state your thesis statement and provide an overview of youressay. You should avoid long dictionary definitions; rather get straight to the answer.

In this paragraph take an example from an area of knowledge. Show how it supports your thesis. Also, discuss somecounter-arguments.

In this paragraph take another example from an area of knowledge. Show how it supports your thesis. Also, discuss some counter-arguments.

In this paragraph you could discusssome of your personal experience and how they link to the topic. Try to keep personal voice throughout the essay.

In next few paragraphs discuss how some ways of knowing (perception, reason,language, emotion) are linked to your topic. How these ways of knowing affect what kind of knowledge we gain.

Remember that in your essay you have to consider counter arguments, so do not just try toprove your thesis by providing supporting evidence. Discuss also conflicting evidence and arguments against your thesis.

It is great if your essay contains some reflection. This means that you showhow in course of answering the question you have become more aware of your own biases and limitations as a knower.

Use interesting examples that are relevant to the topic. You may have to do someresearch to find these. Ask your teacher, consult the TOK textbook, visit the library and search the Internet.

Remember to reference all your ideas. You can do this easily by adding in-text...
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