Uso de comas

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Using Commas Correctly
Insert commas where necessary in the following sentences.
1. We toured the gardens in the following sequence: first, the herb garden; Second, the lily pond; third, thecamellia garden; fourth, the rose garden.
2. We learned that the oil, in the jojoba plant is used in food preparation, in lubricants for automobiles and in cosmetics.
3. Prickly, pear cacti have flattenedpadlike stems.
4. While walking through the garden, we were awed by the size of the eucalyptus trees, the beauty of the water lilies and the agelessness of the yuccas.
5. Yes, we enjoyed thedifferent kinds of cacti.
6. Helen, have you ever seen such a tall dangerous-looking cactus before?
7. This garden, one of the oldest in the state, is maintained by the local botanical club.
8. That herbwhich has been used in medicines for years, grows well in this climate.
9. We decided, at least I did, that we would begin a garden at home.
10. The blossoms of the camellia may be red, white, pinkor spotted with color.
11. We decided, that these were the things, we liked best in the garden: first, the
sweetbriar roses; second, the golden barrel cactus; third, the red camellias.

A. UsingCommas
Underline the words in each sentence that should be followed by a comma. If no commas are necessary, write none on the line.
1. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking skiing and swimming.______________
2. At the end of this rugged steep trail you will get a great view of the valley below. ______________
3. Michael can you read that trail marker? ______________
4. The AppalachianTrail if I’m not mistaken extends almost 2,000 miles. ______________
5. Naturally I would like to hike that trail sometime in my life. ______________
6. The places I plan to hike are the following:first the Appalachian
Trail; second a mountain trail in the Alps; third the trail to the Mount Everest base camp in Nepal. ______________
7. Well I suppose I need to get into better shape for any...
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