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To Be or Not To Be Vaccinated
Parents are always there when we need advice, a shoulder to cry, and when we need support in making big decisions because they have already been there. They raised usfrom childhood. They showed us the difference between right and wrong, looked after our physical and emotional wounds, and helped us to grow into the adults we are today. However, parents do notalways know best when it comes to their children’s health. Parents will do the best for their children, but it does not mean that they will always make the correct decision.
In the last severalyears, a growing number of parents are objecting to vaccinations because they fell that their children do not need to be immunized against diseases we do not hear about anymore, like measles, polio, ormumps. But the reason we do not hear much about such diseases is because of extensive immunization against them. Even if these diseases occur rarely, most of the ones that can be prevented by vaccinesstill exist in the world because of lack of medical resources or lack of vaccinations. There have been many cases of deaths because of outbreaks in the United States, and this is partly because thepeople infected received partial or no vaccination against the virus as children. The simple fact that a disease such as measles can cause serious illnesses such as, pneumonia and brain swelling,should put the fear of God in any parent.
Other parents object to certain vaccinations because of personal beliefs often based on misinformation that some may cause Autism and other disorders. Someothers object because of religious reason. Many object because of reports that the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine can cause autism in children. For many years, this vaccine has been given to manypeople; however, because of recent research study published on The Lancet linked MMR with autism, people have taken it upon themselves to choose not to vaccinate their children. Many parents state...
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