Valentine s day

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Nombre Silmene

Apellido Renevil

Materia Ingles

Profesor Feguens St. Hilaire

Valentine's Day

Origin of the celebration the United Kingdom, about the fourteenthcentury
Day celebration Feb. 14
Celebrated since the fourteenth century

Valentine's Day is a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries has been implemented in other countries throughout thetwentieth century, mainly on the lovers, boyfriends or husbands express their love and affection each other. Held on February 14, Valentine's birthday. In some countries known as Valentine's Day andothers like the Day of Love and Friendship.

In Anglo-America in 1840, Esther A. Howland began selling the first mass postcards Valentine, known as "valentines" with symbols like a heart or Cupid,but with the rise of the Internet has spread the habit of exchanging e-cards. Also on this day is common tradition of giving roses to those people who have a special affection.

There are severaltheories that give this date the origin of Valentine's Day. In the Nordic countries during this period when birds pair up and mate, which is why this period is seen as a symbol of love and creation.Some believe it is a Christianized pagan holiday, as in ancient Rome was carried worship the god of love, whose Greek name was Eros, whom the Romans called Cupid. This celebration is called for thefavors of God through gifts and offerings to achieve and find the ideal love.


First association between romantic love and Valentine's Day is in the Parlement of Foules (1382) English poetGeoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400):

Because it was Valentine's Day,
when each bird came here to choose their partner.

Chaucer wrote this poem to honor the first anniversary of thecompromise between King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia. A treaty was signed on this marriage on May 2, 1381. They married eight months later, when King was 13 or 14 and she 14.

In the...
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