Valentino rossi

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2011
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Valentino Rossi is an Italian motorcycle racer, nine times has won the maximum of the MotoGP, Valentino has been in 4 categories of motorcycling (125c.c., 250c.c., 500c.c., 990c and MotoGP. c. and800c.c.), Valentino Used to play with bikes When I Was a child because a child had a great passion for motorbikes, when he started as a driver on the track, it proved as the best pilot, when Valentinowas twenty years I used to practice in the Italian trucks, one can say that is the best motorcycle rider in history.
Valentino rivals are very professional, but also THE DOCTOR as they call Valentinois the king of racing.
When Valentino was eleven years, your mother used to say that motorbikes is a machine very dangerous, but but always follows the advice of his mother and is very thorough inhis work, is a man story your heart beats at 8000 revolutions per minute, that his soul has infinite hp, and bearing the motorcycle in the veins.

Valentino wake up at 8.00 in the morningValentino get up at 8.30 in the morning
Valentino take a shower at 8.35 in the morning
Valentino wear clothes at 8.40 in the morning
Valentino take a breakfast at 9.00 in the morning
Valentino brush theteeth at 9.10 in the morning
Valentino drive the motorcycle at 9.20 in the morning
Valentino go to the trucks at 9.30 in the morning
Valentino practice in the laps of trucks at 10.00 in themorning
Valentino take lounch at 1.00 in the afternoon
Valentino finish practice at 5.00 in the morning
Valentino go to home in the YAMAHA R1 at 5.30 in the afternoon
Valentino take a dinner at 7.00 inthe evening
Valentino go to practice in the roads of night at 8.00 in the evening
Valentino go to home at 10.00 in the evening
Valentino go to bed at 10.30 in the evening
Valentino sleep at11.00 in the evening but dream with motorbikes.

Valentino is blonde
blue eyes
height measured 1.78
has a small beard
THE DOCTOR uses a piercing
used motorcycle clothing brands
yamaha caps used...
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