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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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For a succesfull good behavior and convivence , let’s start for being helpful with our partners, pay attention of their necessity’s and help them in the moment thatthey are asking for help, with a respectful and cordial attitude. Always the moments present in any time even, when we don’t expect them but when we bring a good service for the societyand for our partners also we overcome the laziness and become in best persons any day.

Clear examples of service could be the service who we bring in our houses with thecleaning can be washing the dishes or the floor or just help our mothers with anything that their ask also a example of service can be in our schools or university or in the work to helpingour partners with a necessity that they have and we can resolve them or help their to do that. All the days the service present to our life’s and if we accept him we can do wonderfuland beautiful things for the world, for the persons and the society who live in them and even for ourselves. So don’t think 2 times and take the chance, the opportunity to help somebodywho need anything in this world and in like that way we will be happy and make happy to all :D SO LET’S GO AND MAKE THE SERVICE IN ANY PLACE ANY TIME AND ANY HOUR … Anti-values like laziness bad education or even bad conditions are problems in our society that don’t allow a society that base principal and primary in the service and deserve from him tomake really other values in our society like respect, tolerance, humbleness, devotion or many values. So first we can not see only the bad conditions our characteristics to make a excusefor not deserve our partners or religious talking, our brothers so as same we all are sons of god and as brothers we necessary have de disposition to make the thing in good sence.
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