Valores familiares ayer y hoy

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2011
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Veronica Hernandez
ENGL 0374
October 10, 2011
Comparison Essay #1
Just a Manner of Attitude
Forming and carrying a family on the right track is not an easy task. Commitment to family should goeven further than previously thought. With the passing of the years, for many reasons, family values ​​are lost or become ingrained as they were years ago. That is why family values ​​are a matter ofgreat importance, is something that must be practiced, to have a good society and function properly in this one. Values ​​such as respect, communication and tolerance had been implemented and enforceddifferently in the past as they are today.
Respect is the pattern that has changed a lot through the years. Grandparents were much more demanding in the way they wanted their youngsters spoke tothem. There was a slight chance that children scream or shout at their parents. Decisions taken by fathers or mothers were attacked without making any comment. Today, parents face the problem of lookingfor tools to guide them to find ways in which children respect them. In some of today’s homes, children are implored to obey and sometimes their reaction becomes to hit their parents. Incredibly, thisis not the only issue that has been transformed over the years.
In addition, the way parents and children communicate inside families have changed considerably over the years. Grandparents used tohave many taboo topics at the house. In some cases, certain things were communicated only to the wives, and children remained unaware of many issues or problems within the family. On the other hand,today’s parents encourage more an open communication with their children. They like to discuss all that worries inside the house, even economic problems. Issues like sex or sexual relationships, whichwere taboo subjects between ancestors, are now common topics.
The last contrast in family values that have been transformed through the years is tolerance. Grandparents were used to agree all kinds...
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