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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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Immortals who climb castle walls, but run from garlics and crosses; are inhumanly fast and strong, but can easily be caught by certain hunters; they are walking corpses, apparently mindless, but theycan fall in love with mortals - especially the beautiful ones; and last but not least, a mortal version of them apparently exists and seemingly is no legend.
It seems that the vampires have alwaysbeen embodiments of ambiguity!
When it was decided that the subject of this month would be about vampires, I just new the basic and popular facts about the legends, but then I started making theresearches and the superstitions that gave place to the pop fantasy that we have now sickened me.
Plus, my friend Marion told me about something she read on the net, that true vampires exist and itastonished me a lot, as you must be now in reading about it, if you're not acquainted with this knowledge already.
However, read on and meet the facts with me.
4000 Years Ago...
Things started back inAncient Egypt, and apart from their well-known belief in post mortem life, the Egyptians believed also that the souls of the dead could return as vampires. Then it seems this belief passed on to thepeople of Asia Minor, for they believed their goddess Ishtar, when she went to the Underworld searching for her son Tammuz said that she would cause "the dead to arise and devour the living", and theChinese had legends about hungry spirits too.
But the first real vampire legends started in ancient Greece, where the term "lamia" is still used meaning "blood drinkers". The lamia originally werespirits of the underworld who were tormented and who used to drink the blood of small children. This legend certainly went to the Romans and later acquired more power and a certain level of veracity withthe general superstition that burdened the miserable people of the Middle Ages.
All human societies have some kind of ritual used to quiet the dead or to avoid angering them, especially when these...
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