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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2010
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January 25th, 2010
Hello! Dear Sponsor Nick Mulkey. I hope when you read this letter you find yourself and your family with good health. How did you spend Christmas? And how did you receive New Year? Well I spend it in harmony with my family but we received New Year very sad, mourning, because last December 28th a cousin of mine took her life. It was painful. Let me tell you that I’m going toa new school, it name is “Los Quincho”, because in the last school I had difficulties. I have a niece who is so pretty, she was born on January 5th, her name is Clara Fernanda. We are so happy but at the same time sad, mourning because of the lost of my cousin. I am going to enter to school, I am days for it. I hope I can make good friends and get ready to get good grades. Thanks for theChristmas’ Gift and the backpack. I hope you always take me present on your prayers as I do. I say goodbye wishing you and your family good luck and good health and a prosperous New Year. Greetings for your family.
Att, Samanta Ramirez
Hello! Dear Friends Steven and Julie I am very happy because I have the chance to say hello to you again and I hope you and your family have goodhealth. I want to tell you that in this year 2010 I am going to ninth grade, I am very happy as well as my parents. I thank God because I passed grade. I’m also happy because I am back into the project and also because I am going to start school soon and I am going to be able to be with my friends, talk and share with them. I am very thankful for the Christmas’ gift. How were your vacations? I had agreat time with my friends, the ones who live near the house. We were talking about a lot of stuffs. I mean, we were happy. And I also tell you that I am praying for you and I hope you too. Well, I say goodbye from you wishing you a Happy New Year.
Att, Jessica Meneses
Hello dear sponsors. I hope you are in good health in the company of all your family. I want to tell you thesevacations I spent it very good at home and how did you spend it? I want to tell you that I passed my fourth grade of elementary school; I am going to fifth grade. I ask God to be him the one who help me this year so I can get good grades and pass my fifth grade. I ask you to pray for me, I’ll be here praying for you so God bless you and keeps you away from all evil. To be him giving you wisdom,strength and forces for God’s help. I say goodbye from you. I would like to know what kind of music do you like and if you have kids?
Now I do say goodbye from you wishing you an adventurous life.
Att, your sponsored child, Cristina Isabel Rodriguez Garcia
January 20th, 2010
Hello! Dear friends Power in Christ, how good is to be able to write you again. I hope in God you are in goodhealth in the company of your family members. Well, I thank you for the gifts you sent me, it was a nice present from you and I hope one day we’ll find face to face to give you thanks friends. Well, I am going to tell you all what happened to me on Christmas, here at Nicaragua. There was a series of mechanical games by the government, they were all free both tickets and entrance. Those games werelocated in the malecon near the Managua’s lake. Well, this child fair was so cute by the government because the other low-income children could take a ride on the mechanical games, something otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to do it. Well, I was so pretty because it was the first time they did that. Well, now on February 2010 we are going to enter to the school again. School is a unique experiencebecause you get to know new faces and new friends. Well I didn’t have much to tell you but when I write you again I promise I am going to tell you everything has happened to me. Say goodbye with a kiss and a hug, Luis Enrique Moreno Galeano.
Hello dear sponsors. I hope you are in good health in the company of those around you. I hope you have spent a Merry Christmas and this year has...