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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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Ejercicio en ingles.

The year 1870 in the history of the cape colony marks the dawn of a new era in South Africa, and it can besaid that the development of modern South Africa began on that date.Despite political complications that orose from time to time, progress in cape colony continued at a steady pace until the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer Wars in 1899. The Discovery of diamonds in theOrange River in 1867 was immediately followed by similar finds in the Vall River. This led to the rapid occupation sparsely inhabited. Dutoispan and Bultfontein diamond mines were discovered in 1870, andin 1871 the even richer mines of Kimberly and de beers were discovered. These four great deposits of mineral wealth were incredibly productive, and constituent the greatest industrial asset that thecolony possessed.
This period also witnessed the increasing tensions between the English dominated cape colony and the Afrikaner-dominated Transvaal. These conflicts led to the break out of the firstBoer war. This tension mainly concerned the easing of trade restrictions between the different colonies, as well as the constructions of railways. The leaders of cape colony consistently believed theleaders of the colonies around them to be more trustworthy and reliable than they were, which caused internal problems within the Cape.

Ejercicio 2
I'll make a fortune overnightThanks to a trick which will allow me to fix images
Either in a concave or convex mirror

I believe I shall be definitely successful
Once I manage to invent a coffin with a double bottom
This willlet the corpse take a peek at the other world.

I vet burned enough midnight oil
In this absurd race
In which the jockeys are thrown from their horses
And land among the spectators.

It's onlyfair, then, that I should try to invent something
This will allow me to live in comfort
Or which, at least, will allow me to dice.

Surely my knees are shaking,
I dream my teeth are all falling...
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