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The friendship

Friendship is something valuable and unique ... is a basis for peace, for relations and balance of our world.
Friends are peoplewho share our victories with joy, but we welcome selflessly in bad times. Discoveries in adversity and misfortune. We are generally supportive, though not agreewith our positions. Good listeners give us their attention and they know they often do not want opinions or comments, but just to be patient to listen.A human being is not human if there is one q is linked to his feelings Friendship is one of the most important.
I write this for q never doubted boththe friendship today.
Simple words of someone else, can destroy a friendship that you can take as the most important of your life, your existence, can make youdoubt those who are around you, even old friends, those who will accompany each important moment in your life.
But remember that friendship is withinyou, in your heart and q is not mere words can break.
The heart is like a scroll, is there to save the most important moments of your life, the momentswhere you felt as much emotion ... and even those who are most important, those marked q your life. As relatives, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, bestfriends.
That is the question of friendship? is leaving to take into account that q parchment saved every important moment and check your mind, which alonecan make you see that past full of mishaps and moments of silence.
Remember, after all, a friendship will be there for you as you for the friendship.
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