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  • Publicado : 2 de agosto de 2010
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José Eduardo Henríquez

Music & Films


Film: Hedwing and The Angry Itch

The film “Hedwing and The Angry Itch”, represent a controversial theme in the present. Is an controversialtheme that involved politics, the church system, and cultural paradigms. Is not normal that a society accept in his cultural maps a man that transforms his life and now is woman. Always, this persons,that changed his life received many critics, but the society never thinks the problem, the situation that this person that now is more woman that men, had to confront.

In this film, was explored,the three important characters, and related in the documents, ¿What this persons represent form me?.


Hedwing: Hedwing for me is a person that had to face many problems when he wasa kid. That problems when he was a kid affected all his life. His appereance changed in a woman. Why a woman? Maybe is because he saw in this childhood the feeling that a woman received. That a manis the person that gives “love”, and the woman is the person that “received”. I think that situation is very important because in his mind he save that paradigm. This “visual image”, affected in thesituation that Hedwing in this case, had to accepted the woman role. The woman role in all conditions, in the appearance, in his acts, in his language, in his clothes.

In all of his/her songs she/herelated all the past. The actions, and situations that live when he was a child, boy, a young boy. The persons that accepted or the persons than see this stranged person like funny, but never seewhat or why he now is a woman, his story, no see that.

Tomy Gnosis: Is a person that confront the theme, this transformation of Hedwing, and said ok, the society in general is not good as a well.Many, more people don’t act like a “hello I am a good person, I Never do in my life evil acts”.

For me Gnosis is a honest person, and that represent in the society. He doesn t see Hedwing like a...
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