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When did it happen? , where did it happen? And what happened?

Hurricane Georges struck the Dominican Republic in September
1998. In its wake was left a disastrous situation by causing damage how-uncles and incalculable social and productive sectors of agriculture, livestock, industry, commerce and tourism, education, health and housing, and also in the
environment, infrastructure,transport, airport communications, energy, water and sewerage services. It is clear that the passage of
hurricane highlighted the fragility of the coordination and organization of
different sectors ofDominican society to cope with a disaster of this

describe the damage?

Most of the damage was due to the enormous pressures
wind on the structures of the provinces orientales4
and therains
on the Cordillera Central (provinces of Azua and San Juan), who made overflow
several rivers and dams with large loss of lives, many refugees
refugees, destruction of homes, bridges, highways,roads, system
electrical, potable water networks, agricultural plantations, and breakdowns in the systems
communications, health and airport facilities, as well as abat
thousands of trees, amongother serious injuries. Its effects were more dramatic
cos between the strata of the population living in poverty (56
households) and especially extreme poverty (19% of households). Ins
geographicaldistribution of damages, the southern region was most affected.

Distribution of hurricane victims, by region.
Dead Injured Missing Refugees region
Distrito Nacional: 20 0 0 11.853
Este: 31 491 516.982
Sur: 202 93 53 41.816
Cibao Central :30 11 6 14.769
Total: 283 595 64 85.420

who helped.

Foreign governments and the Dominican government
As the aggregate data the SUMA system, res-sponded rapidly. Corresponds noted, for example, the help of
United States of America, which accounted for more than a third of the total, followed
by France (7%), Spain (5%), Puerto Rico, El...
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