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Pisco grape varieties
Pisco must be prepared exclusively using grape varieties of Vitis vinifera L. called "pisco grapes and grown in recognized production areas. These are:

Enhanced Distillation?
Distillation is an operation to separate, by vaporization and condensation, the different components of liquids,solids dissolved in liquids or liquefied gases in a mixture, using the different boiling points (boiling points) of each of the substances since the point Boiling is an intensive property of eachsubstance, ie does not vary depending on the mass or volume, although depending on the pressure.
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Distilling Lessons
SimpleDistillation: The distillation apparatus used in the laboratory is the still, consists of a container that stores the mixture to which heat is applied, a cooled condenser where the vapor generated, leadingagain to a liquid and a container that stores the liquid concentrate.
Fractional Distillation: Fractional distillation is a variant of the simple distillation is used mainly when it is necessary toseparate liquids with close boiling
Vacuum distillation: The vacuum distillation is the complementary operation of processed crude distillation at atmospheric distillation unit, which is not vaporizedEscuchar
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Enhanced Distillation: When two or more compounds in a mixture have boiling points relatively close, ie relative volatilityless than 1 and forming an ideal mixture is necessary to consider more economical alternatives to conventional distillation.
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Diccionario - Ver diccionario detalladoQue es la destilación?
La destilación es la operación de separar, mediante vaporización y condensación, los diferentes componentes líquidos, solidos disueltos en liquidos o gases licuados de una...
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