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Japan means the country of origin of the sun, is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, is a country in East Asia and has a population of 127 million people. Thecapital city of Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 30 millon residents. Today Tokyo is one of the urbans centers on the planet, is the center of the politics, economy,education, communication and popular culture of Japan; It also has the largest concentration of corporate headquarters, financial institutions, universities and colleges, museums, theaters, shopping andentertainment establishments in Japan. The city has fewer skyscrapers because to the high risk of earthquakes; so most of buildings have a maximum of ten floors.
Tokyo is also home to the trains systemmore complex in the world. The train is one of the most popular mass transportation linking Tokyo to other regions of the country. The Famous Shinkansen (Bullet Train) is a faster alternative to moveto cities such as Osaka and Kyoto.

The weather in Tokyo is warming, approximate, the 45% of year is rainy, the 40% are cloudy, 10% is sunny and the rest are snowy days. The temperature in winteris 4ºC with occasional snowstorm and in summer is 24ºC.

The Japanese culture is the result of a set of ideas related to honor, obligation and duty, setknow as “giri” a different conception to the individualistic culture of western countries. The Japanese have a sense of humor complicate that is reflected in their language, culture, religion and ethicssometimes difficult to interpret in other cultures.

Popular Culture

In Japan you can fine…
Two types ofdress: traditional and modern. In the traditional highlights the Kimono is a striking and large garment use by women, men and children on special occasions.
Two types of house those made in...
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