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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2011
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López-Cárdenas, Carlos-Mauricio. Universidad del Rosario. Colombia
This opinion makes an approach to a standard to provide reparations for gross collective human rightsviolations. For this purpose, from the perspective of the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Hulnan Rights, the paper examines the concept of victim, individually and collectively, andreparation mechanisms (restitution, compensation, rehabilitation, satisfaction and guarantees of non repetition).
Meertens, Donny. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Colombia
This opinion, we undertake anexploration of a relatively new topic in the studies of the contemporary Colombian society: discrimination, understood in its negative as well as positive sense, although focusing more on the former.We look at discrimination — and particularly racial discrimination, intertwined with gender and the suffering of a population in forced displacement — from a field of analysis that moves between thespheres of normativity and everyday practices. The first is represented by international normativity, the Colombian Constitution from 1991 and the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court during thepast years; the second sphere we examine through the same lens of Court sentences, complemented by some examples of everyday racism in a poor locality on the South side of Bogotá.
Garzón Vallejo,Iván Darío. Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Colombia
The Sentence C - 355 of May 10th of 2006 of the Colombian Constitutional Court decriminalized abortion in some cases and under certaincircumstances. Based on this sentence and on the philosophic and legal aspects which have been reiterated in precedent decisions from previous years, this opinion reviews some main subjects that should beapproached in a public debate about the institutional role of the Constitutional Tribunal in the country in view to its reformation. Subjects as aiready judged constitutional matters (constitutional res...