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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2010
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ATLAS.ti 6 The New Features PDF

If You Can Print It,You Can Use It. PDF Fully Supported.

We’re especially excited about the new full native PDF support that will allow you to work with PDFfiles in their native layout. Other QDA packages make you strip PDFs down to primitive text files, which is hardly an adequate way of working, aside from being tedious and timeconsuming to boot. But withATLAS.ti 6 you are now able to keep your original PDFs—layout, graphics, tables and all—so your primary data always remains uncorrupted and complete. Consider the enormous possibilities:

Workon Web pages saved to PDF, thus securely maintaining their original layout, graphics, and most important all their actual content at the time of visiting. Directly access a plethora of digitalresources such as e-books, research papers, business reports, conference proceedings, press releases, and so much more. Now it's all at your fingertips without conversion or additional steps of any kind. Ifyou work on a Master, Ph.D., or research project, code your literature for themes, types of methodology used, theories, results, explanation of the results, recommended further research, etc. And useATLAS.ti as a tool to organize your literature and stay on top. New ways of linking your empirical research with the literature become possible. Use the output from any of the programs on your computeras a primary document. If you can “print” it (as PDF), you can use it in ATLAS.ti.

You can literally use the output from any program that can produce PDF as your primary documents.Even if your program doesn't have a dedicated built-in PDF generator (many do), you can still produce PDF via freely available PDF printer drivers and standalone applications. The possibilities aretruly endless and extremely exciting!

Universal Freedom through a Universal Format
ATLAS.ti's support of PDF makes it possible to use output from practically any computer application as your...
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