Vba and macros en excel

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1 Unleash the Power of Excel with VBA 2 This Sounds Like BASIC, So Why Doesn’t It Look Familiar? 3 Referring to Ranges 4 User-Defined Functions


5 Looping and Flow Control 6 R1C1-Style Formulas 7 What Is New in Excel 2010 and What Has Changed

VBA and Macros: Microsoft®Excel® 2010

8 Create and Manipulate Names in VBA 9 Event Programming 10 Userforms—An Introduction 11 Creating Charts 12 Data Mining with Advanced Filter 13 Using VBA to Create Pivot Tables 14 Excel Power 15 Data Visualizations and Conditional Formatting 16 Reading from and Writing to the Web 17 Dashboarding with Sparklines in Excel 2010 18 Automating Word 19 Arrays 20 Text File Processing 21Using Access as a Back End to Enhance Multiuser Access to Data

Bill Jelen Tracy Syrstad

22 Creating Classes, Records, and Collections 23 Advanced Userform Techniques 24 Windows API 25 Handling Errors 26 Customizing the Ribbon to Run Macros 27 Creating Add-Ins Index

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From the Library of Wow! eBook

VBA and Macros:Microsoft ® Excel® 2010
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