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Carbon Neutral
Positioning updated October 1, 2007

Humankind is currently on the verge of an unprecedented global-scale environmental crisis. Climate-related disasters, the loss ofbiodiversity, extinctions of animal and vegetable species and damage to agriculture, food supply, human health and ocean ecosystems are only a few of the consequences we face. The change in natural cyclescaused by global warming can already be felt throughout the globe and is expected to worsen, endangering our planet’s life.

On the other hand, the climate crisis can also bring many opportunities,especially an increase of collective awareness enabling the current generation to unite efforts to save the planet.

The solution to the challenges we are facing relies entirely on ourorganizational power and our capacity to overcome our differences. In this context, the crisis gives us a chance to do something few generations in history have had the opportunity to do: create a generationalcommitment; the enthusiasm of having a powerful moral purpose; a unifying cause; clarity in knowing how to act to improve our quality of life in the present while building a better future for ourchildren and grandchildren.

Our view
We are living through a moment of awakening: the awareness of the fact that everything is interconnected and that nothing in the universe can live in isolation. Everyindividual’s actions affect everybody else’s lives.

In this context, the environmental crisis caused by global warming may be seen as an opportunity to unite humanity around a common goal and,together, build a better future for generations to come.

Companies are ever more aware that, more than responding to their consumers’ demands, they must lead initiatives towards developing society asa whole, in a sustainable manner. The magnitude and complexity of this challenge require a much broader and more radical excellence and innovation approach. It is the understanding of these issues,...
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