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AUV Fest 2005: Technologies

Project Info
REMUS-600 UUV [Remote Environmental Monitoring Units] Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution SSAM [Small Synthetic Aperture Minehunter] installed on a REMUS-600 UUV NSWC Pan. City


What it Does
Very long range search, survey, and target identification, with the ability to localize proud and buried targets.

How it Works
REMUS-600: 5 kWrechargeable Li-Ion Battery, Inertial Navigation, 600 meter depth rating, acoustic modem, wireless network and Iridium communications, GPS, Doppler Velocity Log.

Standout Talent
REMUS-600: Endurance, Navigation, and reliability. Ease of operation is similar to field proven REMUS-100. Stability control is ideal for SAS imaging.

SSAM: A specialized payload of the REMUS-600, above MARV[Mid-sized Autonomous Research Vehicle] NUWC Newport CETUS II [Composite Endoskeleton Testbed UUV System] Lockheed Martin CTEC-ISR Scenario [Collaborative Test and Evaluation Center - Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Scenario] SAIC Keyport, NUWC Keyport, NUWC Newport

Combines synthetic aperture sonar (SAS), System records high frequency (HF) and broadband low frequency (BBLF) SAS datawhile CAD/CAC and UUV technologies to detect, classify, and localize proud and buried targets. executing predefined UUV search patterns. Post mission, the data is retrieved and processed to generate very high-resolution HF and BBLF underwater imagery. The imagery is then fed into CAD/CAC algorithms for automated detection, classification, and localization of proud and buried contacts. Serves as aresearch platform for various payloads undergoing testing Conducts a search pattern over an area of interest using various payloads to satisfy mission or testing requirements. Payloads include chemical sensors and color video. Capable of communicating with other vehicles and conducting joint exercises. Hovers near target using thrusters; gathers data and, if appropriate, latches onto the target todeliver a neutralizing payload.

The SSAM system provides underwater imagery resolution previously nonexistent in its size class.

Payload flexibility allows execution of multiple missions

Conducts survey missions to collect images that can be viewed by operators. Capable of conducting Reacquire, Identify and Neutralization missions.

The smallest hovering AUV; hovering ability providesdata collection capability not found in other AUVs.

Live, remote, virtual Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) information support to SEAL Delivery Team -1 (SDVT-1), providing Command and Control linkage w/SEALs in Hawaii. Goal is to integrate environmental and intelligence data, real and simulated AUV/UUV assets, and operational units in a battlespace preparation and missionplanning test, training and evaluation (TT&E) exercise taking place over 8 days and at multiple locations. Demonstrates remote and distributed T&E capability, a precursor to CTEC.

Day 1: Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO) and Joint Intelligence Center (JIC) will give an environmental and mock intelligence briefing on the scenario site (OP area A). Day 2: NCST-1 Hydroid REMUS will survey underwaterobstacles. Day 3: MARV will take underwater video to verify obstacles; SAUV will survey chemical plumes. Day 4: MARV and SAUV, and then MARV alone, will survey chemical plumes. Day 5: HUSCy will further survey obstacles, using different sensors than REMUS. Days 6-8: 21-UUV, simulated from NUWC Newport, will survey shorebased RF transmitters. (MARV and SAUV will also be active in the chemicalmission on days 6-8. All chemical detections will be simulated.) SDVT-1 in Hawaii will receive briefings and analyzed data daily, assess the emerging battle-space picture, and develop a mission plan.

Demonstrate CTEC and NUTEC capability to support distributed, live-virtual-constructive (LVC) TT&E Satisfies National Capabilities Requirement

Crawlers NSWC Panama City

In the Very Shallow Water...
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