Vendo una mula

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But love is stronger.

One day, walking down the sidewalk Magali your home when you come across a handsome young man.
He was blond, short hair, thin... beautiful, rough just one look to understand what each meant.
She kept walking, thinking how perfect it was the guy who had just crossed. When did youwould see?.

A week later, when Ivan was going to school crosses Magali, the girl he had met the previous week. He decided to talk, like her.
Aftertalking a while, they exchanged phone numbers and agreed to an appointment for next Saturday.
Both were very excited to find love and happiness.

On theday of the event, they became boyfriends. They were very, very happy, everything was perfect and beautiful. Both loved each other too much and planning awonderful future together.
Magali would one day shopping when cruso a girl and tells her that this was the former girlfriend of Ivan, and he would doeverything possible to separlos.
Magali very sad about it with Ivan. The very angry decides to go looking for her to tell him that he would not allow it toruin your happiness.

When meeting ivana he tells everything promised, please ask him to let him be happy with the person he loved, as he had done.Once this talk Ivan returns home.

Upon entering Magali tells everything that happened and promised that never again would return to anyone or anything tojeopardize their relationship ... that he loved and always would do.

When someone loves someone does anything or anyone separlos ... Love is stronger.
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