Ventajas de la television digital

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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2010
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TV USERS | * More television content and quality * Can enjoy interactive services * Free Service more choice of channels, interactive * services and easier recording methodsmore choice ofchannels, interactive * services and easier recording methods |
BROADCASTERS | After the initial investment, it’s cheaper digital transmission is cheaper per programme service once the initialinfrastructure investment has beenundertaken and; switching-off the analogue terrestrialsignal will mean that UHF spectrum can be used moreefficiently, leaving capacity for additional uses.Many morechannels can fit on the digital transmission.a single analogue TV service or;• a multiplex of digital services, consisting of 4 to 10 TVservices, plus digital radio and text-based services. |HYPERMARKETS | Since DTT is a free service, the families only have to make an initial investment for a TV or a Set Top Box to get the signal. But regular persons don’t know where to go or the specifications ofthe equipments to buy. The hypermarkets in Panama can use this opportunity to provide the families with these equipments; this would be the easiest channel for TV users to get the information aboutwhat to buy and the equipments as well. Besides the branded TVs and Set Top Boxes, hypermarkets can offer the Set Top Boxes with their own brand if they already have a home appliances line. And if theydon’t, perhaps the newness of this technology can be a good moment to start in this business. |
EQUIPMENT MAKERS | Local companies specialized in home appliances, including entertainment line.TheDTT is a new opportunity to jump over international brands. It’s a good moment to innovate instead of being in the shadow of those brands. This is a new technology to everyone. It a perfect moment forconsumers to relate the brand as DTT specialist. |
DISTRIBUTORS | Thanks to globalization, many distributors and importers of technology already have saturated the markets.The distribution of DTT...
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