Ventajas y desventajas de trabajar en una empresa grande o chica en ingles

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Earn in a big company almost two times more than a small one
For a big company you have all the legal benefits but there are not some occasions ina small
In a large firm more occupationally cracids unlike small because its performance is not required
In a large company is more competitiveand depending on our performance is our salary, in a small firm our salary is very low
If we are inside a big company moving to a smaller one in thebest position is usually quite simple (always depending on the sector and the post).
A great company always offer more potential to continue torise and make a career within the same company. In a medium company could meet our professional on our roof soon.
Once inside the company if youdecide to make a career change could opt for a career change business change. If we in the finance department but we decided that we would like morework in the marketing department could request a change within the company.
By having each department of a high volume of work and workers, thisallows for specialization in specific areas of the department's activity.
Large companies have greater benefits allowing them to invest more in employeetraining and technology to improve their competitiveness. This allows their employees continue their education during the time they remain at thecompany.
If we want to work for a few years out of our country, multinationals allow us to change the country without having to change company.
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