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1 Be 2 Bear 3 Beat 4 Become 5 Begin 6 Bet 7 Bite 8 Blow 9 Break 10 Bring 11 Build 12 Burn 13 Burst 14 Buy 15 Can 16 Catch 17 Choose 18 Come 19 Cost 20 Cut 21 Deal 22 Dig 23 Do 24 Draw 25 Dream 26 Drink 27 Drive 28 Eat 29 Fall 30 Feed 31 Feel 32 Fight 33 Find 34 Flee 35 Fly 36 Forbid 37 Forget 38 Forgive 39 Freeze 40 Get 41 Give 42 Go 43 Grow 44 Hang 45 Have 46 Hear 47 Hide 48Hit 49 Hold 50 Hurt 51 Keep 52 Know 53 Lay 54 Lead





Was/Were Bore Beat Became Began Bet Bit Blew Broke Brought Built Burnt/Burned Burst Bought Could Caught Chose Came Cost Cut Dealt Dug Did Drew Dreamt/Dreamed Drank Drove Ate Fell Fed Felt Fought Found Fled Flew Forbade Forgot Forgave Froze GotGave Went Grew Hung/Hanged Had Heard Hid Hit Held Hurt Kept Knew Laid Led

Been Born/Borne Beaten Become Begun Bet Bitten Blown Broken Brought Built Burnt/Burned Burst Bought Been able to Caught Chosen Come Cost Cut Dealt Dug Done Drawn Dreamt/Dreamed Drunk Driven Eaten Fallen Fed Felt Fought Found Fled Flown Forbidden Forgotten Forgiven Frozen Gotten Given Gone Grown Hung/HangedHad Heard Hidden Hit Held Hurt Kept Known Laid Led

MEANING To exist, live or occur. To tolerate. To hit repeatedly. To come into existence. To start something. To risk money against the result of a future event. To cut with your teeth. To move air, wind and gases. To cause something to separate into at least two pieces. or convey sth to the place where you are To carry going. To construct. Toconsume or be consumed by fire. To break something open, usually by internal pressure, such as a balloon with too much air in To acquire something in exchange for money. Be allowed to. To receive. To select. To move towards / to arrive at a specified place or situation. The amount of money required to buy something. To break the surface of sth with a knife or a similar tool. To distribute,especially playing cards in games. To cut into, break up and turn over or remove (with a spade) To perform or carry out. To make a picture using a pen or a pencil. To see visual images while sleeping. To consume liquids. To operate and control a car or other vehicle. To consume solid food. To move downwards or to the ground. To give or supply food. To experience an emotion or a sensation. To try to hurtsomeone in combat or war. To discover sth either by chance or when looking for it. To run away in order to find safety. To move through the air. To prohibit. To be unable to remember something / not remember. To pardon or stop being angry with someone. To make liquids into solids by cold temperatures. To obtain, match or receive. To offer something as a present. To travel to a place. To increase insize. To suspend from a support. To possess. To detect or perceive sound. To conceal or put something where it cannot be seen. To touch somebody or something with force. To secure something in your hand. To cause pain, injury or stress. To have possession / to provide / to support. To perceive directly, to possess knowledge. To place in or bring to a particular position / to produce and deposit.To show the way to by going in advance / to guide.

Being Bearing Beating Becoming Beginning Betting Biting Blowing Breaking Bringing Building Burning Bursting Buying Catching Choosing Coming Costing Cutting Dealing Digging Doing Drawing Dreaming Drinking Driving Eating Falling Feeding Feeling Fighting Finding Fleeing Flying Forbidding Forgetting Forgiving Freezing Getting Giving Going GrowingHanging Having Hearing Hiding Hitting Holding Hurting Keeping Knowing Laying Leading

55 Learn 56 Leave 57 Lend 58 Let 59 Lie 60 Light 61 Lose 62 Make 63 Mean 64 Meet 65 Pay 66 Put 67 Quit 68 Read 69 Ride 70 Ring 71 Rise 72 Run 73 Say 74 See 75 Seek 76 Sell 77 Send 78 Set 79 Sew 80 Shake 81 Shine 82 Shoot 83 Show 84 Shut 85 Sing 86 Sit 87 Sleep 88 Smell 89 Speak 90 Spell 91...
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