Verbos modales en ingles

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Modal verbs


• Ability.
1. My dad can bake a god cake.
2. My brother can swim.
3. I can speak german.
• Request.
1. Can I have a chocolate milksake?
2. Can you give me a paper, please?
3. Can I help you?
• Possibility.
1. You can be a police man or not.
2. I can be a good archer if a train hard.3. I can go to Madrid if I pass all the exams.

• Lack of abilitiy.
1. I can´t do do gimnastics.
2. My brother can´t play the piano.
3. You can´t write inthis paper.
• Certanity that something is imposible.
1. Is the time,he can´t be late.
2. This street can´t be closed
3. My hause can´t be open

• Pastability.
1. I could speak fluid french, but now I only speak a litle.
2. Nancy could do gimnastics by the age for 10.
3. You could sing a song when you are a child.
•Polite request.
1. Could I use your computer to searh information?
2. Could I borrow your pen?
3. Could I have something to drink?
• Plite suggestion.
1. Youcould see a movie or go out with us.
2. I could did the exercices.
3. You could went to a party.
Have to:

• Necessity,obligation.
1. I have to do the home work.2. I have to learn more.
3. I have to laeve early.

• Posibility.
1. It may rain in two hours.
2. The shop may be open.
3. The tv program may besupended.

• Posibility.
1. She might be on the bus.
2. He might stay at home.
3. Susan might have a problem.

• Necessity, obligation.
1. Thestudents must be quiet in class.
2. You must stay at home.
3. I must study more.
• Certainy that something is true.
1. Jhon have holiday must be cherfull.
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