Verbos modales - wan to/wolud like/should - diferencias

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-Basically the difference between “want to” and ”would like” is that “want to” is used in an informal manner and “would liketo” is more formal, but they are used to say the same sentence:
A) I want to eat some food
B) I would like to eat some food
-“Should” is commonly used to indicate recommendations or give advices.It’s differs from “must” because this indicates obligations:
A) You should go to study
B) You must go to study

-The verb “want to” is used to express desires or intentions:
I want tobuy a present for your daughter.
We want to travel to Canada.
-Note that the auxiliary DOES or DOESN’T are only used when you talk about "he" or "she." In English, when appears “HE, SHE OR IT” or oneof its equivalent (third person singular):
He wants to reconcile with his girlfriend.
My school wants to have a good laboratory equipment.
-In contrast, with other people, you should use DO orDON’T, depending on whether the question or denial:

What does our country want ?
Where do we go?
I don’t wan to miss my house.
She doesn’t want to win the bet.

-The modal verb"would " (past of "will") is used together with the infinitive "to like"to express offers and invitations:
Would you like a cup of coffee?
Would you like to come with us?
-It is also used to expresswishes or make requests in a courteous manner:
I would like to be rich.
Would you lend me your car?
-Besides these uses as modal verb "would " also be used to form the conditional tense:
If thatcar was cheaper, I would buy it.
If it didn't rain, we would go to the beach.
-And to shape the future of an action that takes place in the past:
He said that he would buy the tickets.
I thoughtthat I would go to the movies.
-The negative form is “would not” or “wouldn’t
They wouldn’t let me get on the bus with my cat.
I wouldn't like to leave it for another day
-The interrogations...
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