Verbos opositivos

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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2011
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Opposite verbs

about exactly, above below, absence presence, abundance lack, to accept to refuse, accidental intentional, active lazy, to add tosubtract, to admit to deny, adult child, advanced elementary, affirmative negative, afraid brave, after before, against for ,alike different ,alive dead, all none,always never, ancient modern, to agree to refuse, to argue to allow, to forbid ,already not yet, always never, amateur professional, to amuse to bore, angeldevil, animal human, to annoy to satisfy to answer to ask answer question antonym synonym apart together approximately exactly to argue to agree to arrest tofree, to set free arrival departure to arrive to depart, to leave artificial natural to ask to answer asleep awake to attack to defend attack defence,protection attic cellar autumn spring awake asleep awful delicious, nice, pleasant B back in front of background foreground backward forward bad good bad luckfortune, good luck beauty ugliness before after to begin to end, to finish beginning end, ending behind in front of below above best worst better worse beautifulugly big small birth death bitter sweet black white blunt sharp body soul to bore to amuse, to be interested in boring exciting, interesting to borrow tolend bottom top boy girl brave cowardly, afraid to break to mend, to fix broad narrow brother sister to build to destroy busy lazy to buy to sell C calmexcited careful careless careless careful to catch to miss, to throw ceiling floor cellar attic centre outskirts, suburb certainly probably changeable constant …
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