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vers, vert: turn jac, jec, ject: throw, lie.
CONVERT: win over; persuade.
With mind-controlling strategies, the student was converted to a cult.
REVERT: turn back to
Reformed smokers arefrequently tempted to revert to old habits.
DIVERT: Turn away from.
My attention was diverted by the accident on the free way.
INVERT: turn upside down.
If you want to divide a fraction, you need toinvert and multiply.
AVERSE: turned against.
They were divorced, but she was not averse to seeing him at parties.
INTROVERT: shy and quiet; introspective.
Being an introvert, the writer rejectedoffers to read his poems in public.
EXTROVERT: Outgoing; gregarious
An extrovert like Oprah Winfrey enjoys the energy of a large studio audience.
AMBIVERT: having both introverted and extrovertedtendencies.
Most ambiverts enjoy both being with people and having some quiet time.
PERVERT: turned to an improper use.
Because of a shoe fetish, the thief was regarded as perverted.
OBVERSE: facingthe opponent; front surface.
The head of the president was depicted on the obverse side of the coin.
CONVERSANT: knowledgeable about a subject.

After another semester of economics, I hope to bemore conversant on the euro.
VERSATILE: having many skills; can turn from one thing to another.
A versatile jacket can be worn with several different pants and shirts.
SUBVERSIVE: undermining.
Theterrorists were engaged in subversive activities.
VERTIGO: a dizzy spell when things seem to be turning.
Avoid roller-coasters if you have a tendency toward vertigo.
VERSION: an adaption ortranslation of the original form.
The children’s version of the bible had pictures and large print.
VERSUS: against.
The next trial was state of Texas versus John Doe.
VORTEX: Both a whirling and asuction motion, as in a whirlpool.
Watching the whirling water from the cliff, he threw a log into the vortex.
INJECT: insert.
Students appreciate professors who inject humor into lectures.
EJECT: to...
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