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Verb (to play) | Tense | Use | Example |
I play | Present simple | Regular activities - routines - habits | Anne and Sophie play tennis on Saturday afternoons. |I am playing | Present continuous | Continuous action now or at the present time. | Anne and Sophie are playing at the moment. |
I have played | Present Perfect Simple | * Finished part of acontinuous action. * Completed actions in an unfinished period of time. * Recent events (no time mentioned) * Past action with a result in the present. * Experiences (no time mentioned). | *So far they have played two sets. * They have played several other matches this month. * Their parents have just arrived. * Sophie has broken her racket so she's got to change it. * They haveplayed in many tournaments. |
I have been playing | Present Perfect Continuous | Actions begun in the past which continue today. | They have been playing tennis since 2 pm. |
I played | PastSimple | Finished actions at a specific time in the past. | Last Saturday Sophie played in another tournament. |
I was playing | Past Continuous | Continuous actions at a specific time in the past. |At 2.30 pm they were starting the second set. |
I had played | Past Perfect Simple | Actions before a specific time in the past. | Before they arrived, two other people had played a match. |
Ihad been playing | Past Perfect Continuous | Past continuous actions. | When their parents arrived, they had already been playing for two hours. |
I will play | Future simple | * Predictions. *Spontaneous decisions or offers. | * Sophie will win the match today. * I'll lend you my tennis racket! |
I will be playing | Future continuous | Future continuous actions. | Next Saturdaythey will be playing in another town. |
I will have played | Future perfect | Completed future action. | By September, they will have played 12 matches. |
I will have been playing | Future...
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