Verbs followed by infinitives

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Verbs Followed by Infinitives

8 = verb followed by an infinitive OR an optional noun + an infinitive
13 = verb followed by a gerund OR an infinitive with a difference in meaning
14 = verbfollowed by a gerund OR an infinitive with little difference in meaning
|agree |Tom agreed to help me.|
|appear |His health appeared to be better. |
|arrange |Naomiarranged to stay with her cousin in Miami. |
|ask [8] |She asked to leave.|
|begin [13] |He began to talk. |
|can't bear [14]|He can't bear to be alone. |
|can't stand [14] |Nancy can't stand to work the late shift.|
|care |He doesn't care to participate in the activity. |
|cease [14]|The government ceased to provide free healthcare. |
|choose [8] |I chose to help.|
|claim |She claimed to be a princess. ||continue [14] |She continued to talk. |
|decide |We decided to go...
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