Verbs followed by infinitives

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Read the first sentence, and choose the most suitable verb to complete the second sentence.

1. "Ellie, would you like to come to myparty?"
Ellie's friend invited / instructed / obliged her to go to the party.
Why is invited the correct answer? would you like has the idea of invitation; instruct and oblige have an idea of givingorders rather than invitations

2. "Mum, will you let me go to the party?"
Ellie encouraged / begged / asked her mum to let her go to the party.
Why is asked the correct answer? will you let is astraightforward question. There is no particular idea of encouragement or begging in these words.

3. "Please, please, please mum, PLEASE let me go to the party!"
She forced / begged / persuaded hermother to let her go to the party.
Why is begged the correct answer? Please, please, please has the idea of begging. To persuade, you usually give lots of reasons why a person should do something; youdo not usually say please when you are forcing someone to do something

4. "Ellie, you are absolutely NOT allowed to go to the party."
Ellie's mum forbade / forced / allowed her to go to the party.Why is forbade the correct answer? In this context, the use of both forced and allowed suggest that Ellie went to the party. Only forbade makes sense because she did not go.

5. "Now go upstairsand do your homework."
Ellie's mum advised / trained / ordered her to go upstairs and do her homework. Why is ordered the correct answer? The use of the imperative verbs go and do show that this isan order, not advice or training

6. "And don't forget to tidy your room"
Ellie's mum reminded / begged / instructed her to tidy her room.
Why is reminded the correct answer? The use of the phrasedon't forget is a reminder, not begging or instruction

7. "Don't forget to clean under the bed, or there will be trouble!"
Ellie's mum advised / warned / encouraged her not to forget to clean...
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