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(auxiliar futuro) Shall ----
(auxiliar futuro) Will would ----
acelerar To speed speeded / sped speeded / sped
acometer To undertake undertook undertaken
agarrarse To cling clung clung
agitar To shake shook shaken
aguantar To stand stood stood
alimentar To feed fed fed
alquilar To rent rented rented
andar a zancadas Tostride strode stridden
apostar To bet betted / bet betted / bet
aprender To learn learned / learnt learned / learnt
arrodillarse To kneel knelt knelt
arrojar To fling flung flung
arrojar / lanzar To throw away threw away thrown away
atar To bind bound bound
balancearse To swing swung swung
barrer To sweep swept swept
beber To drink drank drunk
brillar To shine shone shonebrincar To leap leaped / leapt leaped / leapt
buscar To seek sought sought
caer To fall fell fallen
cantar To sing sang sung
cantar To sing sang sung
cavar To dig dug dug
cerrar To shut shut shut
coger To catch caught caught
coger To get got got
coger To take took taken
colgar To hang hanged / hung hanged / hung
colgar algo To string strung strung
colocar To lay laid laidcomer To eat ate eaten
comprar To buy bought bought
comprender To understand understood understood
conducir To drive drove driven
construir To build built built
correr To run ran run
cortar To cut cut cut
cortar To slit slit slit
cortar / romper To cut cut cut
coser To sew sewed sewed / sewn
costar To cost cost cost
crecer To grow grew grown
dar To give gave given
darcuerda To wind wound wound
dar vueltas To spin spun spun
deber Must had to ----
deber Ought ---- ----
decir To say said said
decir To tell told told
dejar To leave left left
deletrear To spell spelled / spelt spelled / spelt
derramar To spill spilled / spilt spilled / spilt
desafiar To dare dared / durst dared / durst
desistir To stop stopped stopped
deslizarse con sigilo To creepcrept crept
deslizarse con sigilo To sneak snuck snuck
despertar To wake woke woke
despertarse To wake waked / woke waked / woken
dibujar To draw drew drawn
diseminar To strew strewed strewed / strewn
disparar To shoot shot shot
dividir To split split split
doblar To bend bent bent
dorar To make golden made golden made golden
dormir To sleep slept slept
echarse To lie laylain
elegir To choose chose chosen
eliminar To rid rid rid
empezar To begin began begun
encender To light lit lit
encoger To shrink shrank shrunk
encontrar To find found found
encontrar(se) To meet met met
engendrar To breed bred bred
enseñar To teach taught taught
enviar To send sent sent
escapar To run away ran away run away
esconder To hide hid hidden
escribir To writewrote written
escupir To spit spat spat
esforzarse To strive strove striven
esquilar To shear sheared / shore sheared / shorn
estar afligido To grieve grieved grieved
explotar To burst burst burst
extender To spread spread spread
ganar To win won won
gastar To spend spent spent
golpear To beat beat beaten
golpear To hit hit hit
golpear To hit hit hit
golpear To strike struckstruck
guiar To lead led led
haber / tener To have had had
habitar To live in lived in livled
hablar To speak spoke spoken
hacer To do did done
hacer To make made made
helar(se) To freeze froze frozen
herir To hurt hurt hurt
herrar To shoe shoed / shod shoed / shod
hincar To stick stuck stuck
hinchar To swell swelled swelled / swollen
hundir To sink sank sunk
inclinar Tolean leaned / leant leaned / leant
ir To go went gone
jurar To swear swore sworn
lanzar (con fuerza) To sling slung slung
lanzar adelante To thrust thrust thrust
leer To read read / red read / red
levantarse To stand stood stood
llegar a ser To become became become
llorar To weep wept wept
luchar To fight fought fought
mantener To keep kept kept
matar To slay slew slain...