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HOMEWORK On pages 12, 17 AND 18

9. Write a short description of the invention or technological advance that your classmate described to you. Use the words of the previous exercise and addadjectives of your own.
R: That technology is the set of knowledge that allows the manufacture of objects and modify the environment to meet the needs and desires of man.
When we think of vending machineswe normally think of the ones that sell soft drinks or snacks, but japan has given them a completely different idea. It is not just a metal box you can find near a station, a store or just by the road,it is now like a religion! The name of these machines is jidoojanbaiki and you find them individually or in groups all over the country.
As well as typical soft drinks, coffee, chocolate or tea, youcan find alcoholic beverages, but the government is already eliminating them from the machines because it is very difficult to control who buys them.
You don't only find drinks in the machine butalso many things for common life; food (from snacks to complete meals), literature (from comic books to paperbacks) entertainment (videos and CDs) and even clothes (hats, ties, shirts and underwear!).If you forgot your present, you could choose from fresh flowers to red pearls.
There are many reasons for the popularity of the machines. First of all, as there isn't enough space for big storesthese give an efficient solution. Secondly, they are available 24 hours a day and you don't need to wait in long lines to pay for your product. As japan moves to this new century, the variety of thesejidoohanbaiki continues to grow. Although you can't buy large items like furniture, they surely are extremely valuable automatic dispensers; and who knows! Maybe in the next century we will be able tobuy a car this way!

10. Answer the questions:
Vending Machines
Vending Machines
a. Make a diagram of the reading: types of vending machines, ways to pay, where to find them, etc.
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