Veronika decice morir

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2010
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ITESM Campus Ciudad Juárez
Jorge Corella
Samantha Santos
Modern Literature
Professor: Verónica Iglesias
3.5 Analysis
Veronika decides to die by Paulo Coelho

We have heard aboutPaulo Coelho’s most famous book, The alchemist, but maybe we have not mentioned other important works like ‘Veronika decides to die’, his book might not be as famous as the past mentioned but wethought that it will be more interesting talking about a book that has a lot of points of view and perspective. Veronika is a normal girl, who is healthy, pretty, has a modest job, and has a lot of fun withfriends and other times with guys. Although she could have a normal life, she feels empty and hopeless with her identity and future. One day she decides to commit suicide but she elaborates a wholeplan to do it, in a form to die in a pretty way. So she decides to just take a bunch of sleeping pills. At first she waits patiently for her death, but nothing seemed to happen, then she thinks thatshe is in heaven but she is just in a hospital, where she woke up because the suicide plan was not accomplished. Veronika enter to a very creepy mental hospital name Villeta, where she deals with allkind of crazy people, that as the time goes on she makes friends and learns about life. So with the knowledge of these important facts, we’re using them in this 3.5 to compare and analyze the storyaccording to the real life, Veronika herself and his parents.

Comparing Veronika to real life
We think that we all have some part of Veronika, because at the beginning when she started wondering abouther unknown city and how nobody will ever remember her or her city, she enters in a reflexive and philosophic state, so all humanity have been in that state in some part of their lives. In additionthere are sometimes when we want to leave all behind and just disappear, so in that way we can agree with her. But we think that suicide is not the end of our problems, or thinking beyond Veronika...
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