Veronika decides to die

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“Veronika decides to die”

Are you aware of how priceless and unique your life is? Many times we take our life for granted and we get stuck in the monotony of each day without realizing thatwe are who have full control of the directions of our lives and we are the ones deciding how to live it. Most of the times we pay too much attention to what the society have to say, so we create apatron of how we have to behave and we stop doing things because others think is wrong or imprudent, or just because we don`t want to look crazy. But, what is being crazy? Is the society that is reallycrazy? We might never know the answer. All these reason and thoughts could lead to a person to commit suicide. This is one most controversial topic that the book features (suicide), and we are going tofocus on the main causes of the decision to commit suicide.

“Veronika decides to die” is book written by Paulo Coelho about a girl in her twenties named Veronika, at her short age sheclaims she has lived the sufficient and necessary so she decides to kill herself by taking a large quantity of sleeping pills. At the beginning of the book doesn’t seem to be a real reason for her tofinish with her life because apparently she had it all, she was beautiful, young, had many lovers and friends and family that loved her. This wasn’t enough for her so she continues with the idea of dying,but something goes wrong and she wakes up in a hospital “Villette” that was a mental institution. The days Veronika spent in the hospital were crucial for her because she realized that she didn’t wantto die and she had a lot of desires of living, but maybe it was too late for her.

- “Everything in her life was the same and, once her youth was gone, it would be downhill all the way, with oldage beginning to leave irreversible marks, the onset of illness, the departure of friends. She would gain nothing by continuing to live; indeed, the likelihood of suffering only increased.” ( )....
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